Dietitian Ambika Niranjan talks about thyroid imbalance

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Dr Kapil Singhal, DM -Neurology, MD- General Medicine, MBBS talks about Alzheimer's Disease.

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Dt. Neha Garg talks about the importance of supplements.

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Ambika Nirajan Dietitian talks about High Cholesterol

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If you think toilet seats are dirty with germs, you're wrong!

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5 Reasons Why A High-Protein Diet Works Wonders!

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The gala wedding season is finally here!

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Netmeds Director Bruce Schwack tells you how to max your fitness

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5 Quick Fixes to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

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Here are the must-haves if you're sending a medical kit to Kerala

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#LetMeGrow- In search of freedom by

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5 Types of Flour for Weight Loss

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6 Benefits Of Eating Citrus Fruits

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An Avocado a Day, Keeps the Sickness Away

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Calcium Helps Beauty And Bones!

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Top 5 Totally Fun Ways To Eat Water

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Mediterranean Diet Is Perfect For Indian Palates

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Kiran shares his Netmeds story

Kiran Raj, a new customer shares how he bought meds online for his dad..

Manickam shares his Netmeds story

Our customer shares how Netmeds helped his girl who is a heart patient..

Bhavana Rao - Experience on Netmeds

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Surya Namaskar - by Chitra Ganesh

Yoga expert Chitra Ganesh takes us through a tutorial on Sury..

Tadasana - by Chitra Ganesh

Yoga expert Chitra Ganesh takes us through a tutorial on ..

BRAMARI PRANAYAMA - by Chitra Ganesh

Yoga expert Chitra Ganesh takes us through a tutorial on Bhra.. - India Ki Pharmacy

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Dr. S.Manoj explains hypertension in detail & best ways to manage it...

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