Beauty basics is what keeps actress Yami Gautam glowing. She ensures that she follows home remedies recommended by her grandmother.

Yami Gautam

Right from using as many natural things to doing something as basic as drinking enough water every day, the Kaabil actress -- who has radiant skin – recommends these beauty tips to look and feel her best self:

1. Make a paste of castor oil + vitamin E oil + aloe vera for great thick and long lashes.

2. Replacing regular water with coconut water in all your facials is super helpful as it is a great toner.

3. Using a cup of vinegar after shampooing your hair, instead of a conditioner, rinses out any hair product like mousse, hair gel or hair spray.

4. Ghee is the best lip balm. Apply it as often to get luscious, plump, pink lips and be ridden of chapped lips forever.

5. Using a mixture of half teaspoon turmeric with half tablespoon of sugar and honey as a scrub and wiping your face clean with an ice cold towel gives a healthy skin with tightened pores. (IANS)