World Multiple Sclerosis Day is observed on May 30 every year, to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - the complex neurodegenerative illness, as well as to boost significant advancements in the treatment of MS and provide better healthcare for all those affected by the disease.

This global health day was first initiated in the year 2009, by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF), with the main objective of bringing together individuals across the globe living with MS, so as to assist them to sustain with the lifelong condition and promote a better quality of life.
world multiple sclerosis day 2020

The theme for this year - World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2020 - is “Connections”, bearing the tagline, “I Connect, We Connect”. This campaign has, in fact, been planned for the extended period between the years 2020 and 2022. The primary focus is to help patients with MS build connections not only with the community at large and best-in-class healthcare services but also with themselves.

The chief goal of this worldwide wellness initiative is to educate the affected as well as the general public about MS. It is hence important to gain insight into the nature of this nervous system ailment, to aid in better management of multiple sclerosis. Also Read: World Multiple Sclerosis Day: Go For Dietary Modifications To Manage This Autoimmune Disorder

So What Exactly Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a grave sickness inflicting the brain and spinal cord of the central nervous system in the body, much like Alzheimer's disease. It involves the immune system identifying the body’s own tissues as foreign invaders and destroying the protective covering encompassing the nerves, known as the myelin sheath. This invariably results in damage of signal relay and communication between the brain and other organs in the body, eventually leading to loss of control of functions in the system, such as vision, speech, hearing, bowel and bladder movement, to name a few.

Although MS is a relatively rare condition, it can occur in people of all age groups, from teenagers, young adults to the elderly. Moreover, there is currently no cure for MS. It is, therefore, essential to know more about effective methods to deal with patients and manage the disease.

5 Tips To Care For People Living With Multiple Sclerosis:

Be Patient And Considerate

Individuals who have been diagnosed with MS tend to feel extremely exhausted and fatigued even after resting all day or sleeping through the night. Lend a hand for them to go through their routine chores with patience and be kind in case they are unable to accompany you for a meal or a walk.

Pay Attention To Their Talk

Each patient with multiple sclerosis experiences slight modifications in signs and indications. It is thus vital to listen to them explaining what exactly they are undergoing, to facilitate better personal care and treatment options to control sudden symptoms.

Understand The Disease

Multiple sclerosis can be caused due to different underlying factors and can present itself in various forms. Learning more about MS and acquiring in-depth knowledge about the disease is useful, to aid in proper nurturing of those affected. Also Read: Multiple Sclerosis: What Is It?

Help With Daily Activities

As the disease progresses in a person, multiple sclerosis hinders their ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Take time off work or other appointments in your schedule and be around to chip in your bit, to support them with regular jobs like using the bathroom, cleaning the room or cooking a simple meal.

Spread Awareness

People with multiple sclerosis often face stigma about their chronic autoimmune illness and tend to feel lonely and isolated. Actively involve yourself in organizations and events that circulate awareness about MS amongst communities and impart well-researched facts about the disease to the general public.