World Breastfeeding Week is being observed across the world with doctors, dieticians, pediatricians vouching by the importance of mother’s milk in nursing a healthy baby.

Thanks to social media, the celeb mothers too are not far behind in doing their bit towards creating awareness even as they share their personal experiences, views and struggles while feeding their babies.

Breast milk, as we all know is a powerhouse of essential vitamins and nutrients that aids the newborn in building immunity, fight infections and prevents risks of many acute health conditions.

Sameera Reddy and Neha Dhupia

In a moving post, Sameera Reddy who recently delivered a baby girl urged new dads to serve as a support system for their partners. Even while talking about the mental and physical state of a new mother after delivery and during breastfeeding, the former actress wrote, “Understanding the pressure on her physically and emotionally is the best thing you can do. Nothing like feeling loved at such an overwhelming time."

Another model turned actress Neha Dhupia echoed similar sentiments. Launching a hashtag #freedomtofeed, Neha insisted on building better infrastructure to make the world a child-friendly place. She further wrote, “The truth is I know I’m not alone in feeling that there has to be a slight shift in our mentalities, in the fact that we need more facilities for breastfeeding moms with their babies or even their breast pumps .."

Celebs or not, every mother deserves the right support and right place while breastfeeding her baby. The next time, you have a new mom at home or in a group, ensure the following measures to make both mother and baby feel comfortable.

Address Concerns:

Postpartum depression is quite common after delivering a baby and it adversely affects lactation. Being happy helps the new mother fight depression and it improves lactation. Talk to your doctor or lactation consultant, if the baby finds it difficult to latch upon or there is a lack of breast milk supply.

Build A Support System:

The new fathers should ensure all the support needed to their partner while nursing the baby. Ensure enough rest, sleep between the breastfeeding sessions for the new mom.

Eat Healthy:

A good diet plan loaded with nutrition and foods rich in galactagogues ensures enough lactation. Hydration plays a crucial role in promoting good health and secretion of breast milk.

Make It Comfortable:

Breastfeeding in the public is still a taboo in our society. Ensure a quiet and comfortable place while travelling or shopping and in other public areas until the baby is done drinking the milk.

Learn The Techniques:

Breast pumps and other lactation devices are a boon to the new mothers. They are easy to use and can store milk for a few hours in the refrigerator.  Get used to these devices and the modern breastfeeding techniques as they come handy especially for the working mothers.