The women involved in irregular shifts and heavy weight lifting at workplace may have an increased risk of infertility.

Women lifting heavy weight

A recent study conducted at the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health shows that occupational factors were responsible for a woman's infertility.  The study was conducted in 473 women who had an average age of 35 years.  The study showed that physically challenging jobs might increase the inability of a woman to conceive.

Women planning to conceive should be aware of the complications related to working in evening or night shifts and lifting of heavy weights during work.  The lifting of heavy weights were linked to lower egg reserves and fewer mature eggs in women. Lower egg count was reported in women with change in working hours, this was due the disruption in the body's inter clock.

The study also showed obesity to be an additional cause of infertility associated with heavy weight lifting.  Women who were obese had lower fertility levels when compared to women who were lean.  Thus, obese women working in non-day shifts or lifting heavy weights were at a risk of low egg count and infertility when compared to women who were lean and worked in day-shifts.