Are you above 40 and start losing interest in yourself, or even in day-to-day affairs, it could be signs of midlife crisis.

Man With Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis is often described as a transition period that occurs in the individuals between the age group of 45 to 60 years old, often triggered by increasing age, shortcomings in life generating a volley of emotions like depression, anxiety, remorse etc.,

Though a not a major psychological disorder, midlife crisis can often bog you down and may hinder professional growth and personal relationships and it can affect both men and women in that age group.

Signs of Midlife Crisis:

Losing Interest

Being restless and losing interest in day-today affairs is one of the first signs of midlife crisis. It is normal to occasionally feel restless and lose interest in few things, but if continues for a few weeks it could be a warning sign.

Talk to your loved ones about your feelings. Take a break from work, go on a vacation and start looking at your life from a different perspective.

Panic About Health

Health issues are quite common if you are above 40 and they are often triggered by lifestyle habits, stress and anxiety. If you are panicking a lot about your health and constantly dealing with negative feelings about health-related issues, talk to your doctor immediately.

Get all simple diagnostic tests done, to feel very assured about your body and its health. Try meditation or yoga to calm down.


Feeling depressed and experiencing mood swings are quite common while dealing with midlife crisis. If you are feeling sad, hopeless and low on energy, coupled with inability to focus, loss of appetite and weight – these could all be warning signs.

These feelings will negatively impact your family, friends and other loved ones. Talk to your close friends about what could have triggered depression and chalk out plans and take up interesting hobbies for a better future.

Unwanted Comparisons

 If you are constantly comparing your lifestyle, professional and personal accomplishments with your colleagues and trying to draw parallels with others, stop it right now.

Start focusing about what you have achieved so far and try to mentor   your younger colleagues.

Being Adventurous

 If you are feeling very adventurous, trying to form new relationships, feeling like cheating on your spouse, these could also be signs of midlife crisis.

If you are driving your car much above the speed limit, drinking uncontrollably, looking for new experiences with strangers, see a psychiatrist immediately, as you are throwing caution to the wind which could affect healthy relationships with family and friends.