Have you ever wondered why your teeth lost their shine and turned stained, yellowish in colour over the years? Don’t blame it just alone on inadequate brushing and flossing as it is an unavoidable occurrence as you age.

White Teeth

With the age, the layer of the enamel on the teeth thins out revealing the natural yellow colour of dentin. Besides age, several factors like food stains, drinks, use of tobacco, medicines, certain diseases, excessive amounts of flouride in water or dental products cause discolouration.

Stains caused due to coffee, tea can also wear down enamel, turning teeth into yellow colour.

Besides several whitening tooth products, one can also try these amazing natural ways that would make your teeth sparkle.

1. Dietary Modifications

Do away with foods and beverages that contain tannins such as wine, tea, coffee and dark sodas that can stain the teeth.

Foods that are acidic like citrus fruits, carbonated soft drinks, sugary juices interact with the plague bacteria, leading to change in the colour. Brushing your teeth after having these foods will help in easing the problem.

Dentists recommend waiting for 30 minutes after eating to brush, as acids weaken the enamel and further brushing could cause more damage.

Quitting smoking or tobacco products can lower the risk of nicotine stains.

2. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is the method of flossing the mouth with oil to thwart off dirt, bacteria, and debris. It is not a substitute for regular brushing. However, research recommends that rinsing the mouth with certain oils like coconut, and sesame oil help in whitening the teeth.

3. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a scientifically proven method to safely remove the stains. Gently polish baking soda on the surface of the teeth to ward off stains. It also fights against the bacteria and eases plague and prevent tooth decay.

4. Fruits

Papaya and pineapple are amazing fruits loaded with nutrients and enzymes that works well in clearing stains. The papain and bromelain enzymes in papaya and pineapple respectively aids in whitening the teeth.

Good Oral Care Tips

  • Keeping up good oral care is very important to avoid stains
  • Regular and proper brushing and flossing help in guarding the enamel, preventing tooth decay and get rid of stains
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, following proper brushing techniques covering the gums and the back of the teeth
  • It is highly recommended by the dentists to prefer tooth paste containing fluoride, that helps in fighting and reverse tooth decay
  • Flossing is essential to remove the dirt between teeth after eating meals