Chronic Rhinitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the nose. It's a very common condition and the symptoms include running nose, itching, nasal obstruction and sneezing. 

A Girl With Chronic Rhinitis

The causes for chronic rhinitis vary from person to person. It can be either allergic, non-allergic and can be caused due to abnormalities in nasal structures such as a tumor, polyps, foreign particles etc. 

Several studies reveal that patients suffering from asthma and chronic sinusitis are more prone to chronic rhinitis. 

Allergic rhinitis is most common caused due to environmental conditions. Patients with allergic rhinitis suffer from itching in ears and throat, watery red eyes, cough, tiredness, lack of sleep and headache. It may also lead to increased frequency in asthma attacks and eczema. 

Non-allergic rhinitis occurs due to upper respiratory infections (idiopathic) and irregular blood flow in nasal cavity (vasomotor). This can be caused due to air pollution, smog, tobacco, car smoke, pungent perfume or fragrances. Those exposed to chemicals and irritants at workplaces are also prone to non-allergic rhinitis. 

Few medicines used in treating oral contraceptives, blood pressure, anxiety and erectile dysfunction can also cause rhinitis. 


Those suffering from allergic rhinitis should try and avoid those allergens causing infections. A thorough regular nasal wash will relieve symptoms. If the condition persists, your doctor may prescribe antihistamine nasal sprays or oral histamines.

If the symptoms persist, your doctor may ask for X-Ray and blood work to decide the right course of treatment.