Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor’s movie “Baaghi 3” is all set to hit the silver screens today, March 6. The trailer of the movie, which is a sequel to the 2018 blockbuster “Baaghi 2” has already garnered the highest number of views, likes and applauds over the social media platforms, thanks to the superb action sequences, the 29-year-old actor, Tiger Shroff performed with suave.

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Jai Hemanta Shroff, also known as Tiger Shroff, is by far one of the fittest and well-groomed actors in the Bollywood industry. While most actors, try to impress the audience with their romantic performances and chocolate boy image, this actor impressed both the audience and the film fraternity with his ‘action-hero avatar’. Being only 6 years old in the film biz, this dashing actor has already carved a niche for himself among actors his age. Owing to his well-chiselled body, amazing dance moves, and dashing action-packed performances, he is often touted as the ‘Young Hrithik or Photocopy of Hrithik’. Also Read: 5 Inspiring Ways To Stay Fit And Active Like Hrithik Roshan

Tiger Shroff

Though a talented football player, Tiger’s Mongolian warrior type look with high cheekbones and woolly hair and undying passion for acting brought him to the movie world. Even though he always had a well-carved body, he still had to reduce to 6% of body fat to don the character of ‘Ronnie’ in Baaghi 3, that too in the chilling weather of Syria at a temperature of -3 degree Celsius. Tiger claims that he had to build muscles, to look more athletic and buffy so that he easily gels into his character in Baaghi-3, which features him as a ‘one-man army’ against an entire nation. Well, all that hard work finally paid off, when people couldn’t stop gushing over his 8-pack abs and his extremely fit body in the trailer.

Watching him on the silver screen doing backflips and somersaults on the road, there’s one thing common in everyone’s mind, ‘how do we get that fit’? Well, if you are planning to achieve a well-toned body like Tiger, here’s an insight into his workout routine and diet plan:

Diet Plan:

Tiger follows a strict but healthy diet. Not only has he sworn off processed and junk food but also keeps carb-rich, sugary items in check. Being a non-vegetarian, he adds a good amount of proteins in his diet in the form of eggs, chicken, besides legumes. He takes 10 egg whites with oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice, boiled vegetables and chicken for lunch while dinner includes broccoli and fish. He follows a strict regimen of eating or snacking every 2 hours and mostly takes whey protein shakes, dry fruits or nuts to keep himself satiated. Like any other person, he too has a cheat day, usually on Sunday’s and owing to his sweet tooth mostly prefers an ice-cream or dark chocolate.

Fitness Mantras

The Baaghi 3 actor, follows a strict 7-day holistic workout regime, with each day focussing on a particular part of the body. His workout routine includes deadlifts, squats, reverse and dumbbell curls, military press, reverse crunch etc. His workout videos have become quite a rage among youngsters. Being a die-hard fan of Bruce Lee, Tiger learned Mixed Martial Arts or MMA at a very young age and he even runs an art studio where he teaches his suave dance moves and martial arts to kids. In addition to MMA, he has even learned taekwondo and weaponry and attended many action workshops, weapons training and gymnastic training under skilled fight masters to attain that fluidity in his action moves.

Hydration Is Crucial

Hydration is extremely important to maintain blood pressure during exercises or high intensity work out to keep the heart from tiring out soon. It also improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps to build lean muscles faster. The versatile actor follows a strict ‘no drinking or smoking’ policy. He usually gulps down 7-8 litres of water, or green tea or whey protein shakes to keep himself hydrated throughout the day. Also Read: 5 Natural Summer Coolants To Stay Hydrated

Grooming Routine

Tiger sports a fade haircut that not only flaunts his chiselled jawline and facial bones but also brushes off his age and makes him look younger. The fitness freak mostly dons a clean-shaven look and swears by using a facewash imbued with matcha green tea that not only helps to cleanse the face but also detoxifies it from dirt and impurities.

Discipline Is Must

The discipline, this talented actor has, towards his lifestyle including his diet and fitness regime is almost enviable. He follows a very healthy diet sans any unhealthy habits of drinking or smoking.  He believes that every person has a different body type and must chalk out a diet or fitness plan accordingly. But the key to getting a healthier and fitter version of oneself is to play by the rules and stick to the particular regime.

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