Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD) is a major health problem in both the developed and developing countries across the globe. In India, despite of ample sunlight (required for the synthesis of vitamin D endogenously), VDD prevalence has been documented to be in the range of 50-90% among all the age groups.

There are many brands of Vitamin D in different formats available in the market – sachets, soft gels and nano preparations. The Nano Vitamin D format is the superior format since it ensures greater absorption of Vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D supplements

DePURA by Sanofi is a 5 ml ready to drink liquid / solution providing 60,000 International Units of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) in Nano form. Powered by Aqueol Nano technology, it enables the Vitamin D to be in a ready to drink and ready to absorb formulation.

The advantage with DePURA as compared to the other formulations is that all the other formulations in the market

·       Do not have predictable absorption

·       May not have a very good bioavailability (DePURA has proven data)

·       Consumption ease is not present (they have to be taken with a fat – e.g. mixed in milk)


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