The year 2020 is here, heralding the dawn of a new decade. Many of you must be determined to get healthy and lose weight, with the task featuring right on top of your list of new year resolutions.

However, all that additional body mass, particularly the stubborn portion of belly fat, can be quite hard to get rid of, no matter how many meals you skip.

Well, it is high time you realise that eating at odd times or not eating at all, is definitely not going to help you burn fat in any part of your body, least of all in your tummy.

This is because the bodily mechanisms that convert food into energy require to be activated, by eating portion-controlled meals, at regular intervals. In this manner, the energy that is consumed by the body is also being used up, thus monitoring weight gain and controlling surplus lipid buildup around various organs within the system, especially the stomach and intestines.

This added layer of fat around body tissues is referred to as visceral fat and is quite dangerous when accrued in vast amounts. It results in a higher than normal Body Mass Index (BMI), along with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Some time-tested methods to shed those extra kilos around the hips and acquire a toned waistline comprise eating a balanced diet, drinking sufficient water, getting adequate rest and bidding adieu to unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking. And while these ensure optimal metabolism, adding regular exercise to this combination is what significantly decreases belly fat, by expanding core muscles to augment their flexibility and strength and evenly distribute body fat. Also Read: 5 Superb Ways To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Go ahead and get started on your new year fitness goals right away. Incorporate these basic exercises as a part of your everyday workout, so you can enhance your overall health and show off that slender body to your friends and family!

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5 Simple Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat:


Stand erect with feet a little apart. Stretch your arms out in front to the shoulder level. Bend down completely so as to squat and then raise the body back to a standing position. Repeat ten times.

This routine is highly effective for activating the abdominal core muscles and decreasing fat accumulation in the region of the stomach and intestines.

Lunge Twists

Kneel down, keeping your back straightened. Extend your arms forward up to the height of your shoulders. Raise the left leg up, with feet flat on the ground and twist your body right, bring it to the centre and then twist it to the left. Perform this iteration 15 times with the left leg raised, then the right leg.

Lunge twists are a great way to toughen the glute and hip muscles, which enables improved lipid metabolism in the body.

Jackknife Crunches

Lie flat on the floor, with arms raised fully above your head. Taking a deep breath, lift both your arms, simultaneously raising both legs off the floor and aim to touch your knees. Exhale and slowly bring your arms and legs back to the ground. Go over this entire sequence 20 times.

This exercise completely engages the abs in the torso and tightens the core muscles, for a thin frame in the upper body.

Scissor Switches

Lie down on the flooring, with your arms tucked in behind your head as though relaxing. Gradually raise your legs off the floor and move them alternatingly towards and away from the body, in a motion resembling cutting with scissors. Do this movement 10 times in a recurring pattern.

Scissor switches are the perfect method to get rid of excess fat in the thighs, as well as stretch the muscles in the vicinity of the stomach and hips to aid faster weight loss.

Cycling Stretches

Place your body in a sleeping position, with the chest facing upwards and arms firmly rested on the sides. Elevate both your legs off the ground and move them as if riding a bicycle, slowly at first and then at a faster pace. Continuously engage in this structured action for 15 rounds.

This activity efficiently flexes the thigh and calf muscles in the legs, besides pressing the abdominal and chest muscles, for their heightened function. Also Read: 5 Proven And Highly Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Those Cankles

Sprawl Swings

Lie flat on your stomach on the floor, making sure the surface of the ground is soft. Spread your arms and legs wide and swing them in synchronization. Repeat this iteration for ten times in a clockwise direction and ten times in an anti-clockwise direction.

This exercise is a great workout for the biceps, triceps and thigh and calk muscles. The swinging motion stretches the connective tissues and improves their range of motion and flexibility, thereby strengthening the arm and leg muscles, bones and joints.


Losing weight in the abdomen is, no doubt, quite a challenge. It should ideally consist of a holistic approach, wherein adhering to healthy eating habits, good lifestyle practices as well as regular exercise regimes are all equally important.

By cutting down on carbs and trans fats, steering clear of alcohol and tobacco, apart from ensuring a good night’s sleep, the effect of these belly fat reducing exercises can be evidently observed within just a few weeks.

So beginning today, commit to an active lifestyle with a positive mindset. Simply do these super cool and easy exercises daily without fail, to flatten your tummy and flaunt a visibly fit and fab body.