Today is Teachers’ Day that is being celebrated across the country in honor of former President and eminent teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and many other teachers, for their relentless efforts in structuring the future of younger generations.

Teacher's day in india

Call them gurus or teachers, one cannot deny the role of these unsung education experts in shaping our lives, career and for help us in leading an ethical life. However, unfortunately teaching in many parts of India is still an underrated professional choice and many of us unintentionally ignore and fail to appreciate the efforts of teachers.

Even as we enquire about our child’s behavior, academic progress with the teacher, we should also be mindful of the wellness of a teacher both at physical and mental levels.

Studies reveal that teaching is one of the stressful professions in the world. Around 46 percent of the teachers complain about reeling under tremendous amounts of stress, sleep disorders, compromise on health and quality of life.

If the teacher is stressed and unhappy, it would obviously affect the academics and other behavioral patterns of children.

Read on to know more about how teachers can stay healthy and be a role model for their students.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle:

Most teachers complain about lack of time as teaching is all about nurturing the younger minds. Do not let stress take over your happiness, focus and interfere with your physical stamina. Make it a habit to lead a healthy lifestyle by getting a hobby. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, take small breaks from work and share interesting topics for interaction with students to keep stress levels at a bay.

Eat Healthy:

Most schools start early in the morning and teachers may find it difficult to grab a nutritious breakfast and follow a healthy diet plan. However, all you need is simple planning and tips. Keep your breakfast items like breakfast in a jar, idli, dosa batter ready for your quick fix on a busy morning. Pack fistful of nuts, fruits to eat during break times for an energetic day.

Physical Activity:

Teachers lack physical activity as they tend to sit down behind the desk or stand at the board for longer hours. Playgrounds in school are the right place for you to catch that much-needed break. These days, most school managements encourage teachers to participate in various sports and make it a habit to play badminton, shuttle or vigorous sports at least thrice in a week, during leisure hours.

Breathing Exercises:

Nothing helps like breathing exercises if you are under stress. Sit down quietly in a corner, breathe in and breathe out at regular intervals, practice meditation to bring down anxiety. You can also introduce these techniques to the students as it improves focus and concentration.

Always remember that a teacher’s health is as important as a student as it creates a very positive outlook and environment towards learning.