Child sexual abuse is becoming a rampant problem, and this has been a huge cause of concern for parents. In fact, even parents of young boys are not secure as there have been a number of cases reported of even boys being abused by older friends and classmates. 

‘Good Touch’ & ‘Bad Touch’

Many parents end up imposing a number of rules on their children and become overly protective of their kids. So, instead to avoiding the awkwardness, parents should start talking; most importantly start talking about good and bad touch meaning. 

If your kids know when boundaries are being crossed, they can protect themselves when you are not around and more importantly, they will be able to recognise that things are not right and come and tell an adult. 

Here is some useful information which might come handy: 

  • Stop baby-talking to your kids. Kids are smart enough to understand thing like body parts. So, instead of talking mushy words as “pee-pee or poo-poo” talks, use proper words.
  • My body, my property. Teach kids nobody should touch them (even shaking hands and hugging) if they are not comfortable, including parents.
  • Use underwear or swimming suit rule. If it is hidden underneath swim suit or undergarments, it is a private area, and no one should touch it.
  • Bathroom rules. Teach your kids to clean their private parts on their own at an early age.
  • Don’t force your love on them. Don’t make them hug, kiss, and sit with people (relatives, neighbours included) they are comfortable.
  •  Use your own feelings. Our body has natural instincts to feel good and bad touch. Teach your kids to trust their instincts.
  • Mostly kids are taught to be sensible, but if it’s bad touch, don’t be shy. Teach them to shout and shout out loud for help.