In these days of busy life and hectic work schedules, it is tough to dedicate few hours daily for workout. Many professionals, these days are seen rivetted to their chairs for longer hours, which is causing various health problems.

In fact, ‘sitting is the new smoking’, as defined by the doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts alike.

Sitting for extended periods of time can slow down metabolism, decline functioning of your healthy cardiac muscle and also cause severe pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Due to these limiting factors, your productivity at work also gets affected and with time and age, your bones and muscles tend to become very weak. Moreover, legs staying fixed in the same position, limits their strength and flexibility. Also Read: What Is A Leg Day? 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip It

ways to stretch your muscles at work

One simple solution is to consciously incorporate some basic yet highly effective workplace exercises, that can be easily done at your desk or break room and will only take up a few minutes of your time!

Simple Stretches To Do In The Office:

1. Seated Spinal Rotation

In your office chair, place the left hand across on the right shoulder and vice versa. Slowly twist your upper body from left to right five times, and then again from right to left. This movement assists in extending your lower back muscles and relieves lower back pain.

2. Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Place your arms on your shoulders, extending the elbow outwards on both sides. Expand it backwards as far as you can, retain that position for 30 seconds and then repeat. Do this for three minutes to release the stiffness in your shoulder muscles.

3. Sitting Back Extensions

Be seated in the edge of your chair, in an erect posture. Place your palms on your upper back. Bend backwards slowly, stay for 10 seconds, then bend forwards. This workout will help to relax your chest and torso muscles. Also Watch: Ergonomics: 5 Effective Tips To Follow At Work.

4. Neck Rotation

Leave your desk for just five minutes, go to the office break room and rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise, slowly, five times each. This will gradually extend the muscles in your neck and alleviate any pain in that region.

5. Elbow And Wrist Rotation

Staying put at your desk, glancing away from the screen for a mere five minutes and stretching out both your arms forward. Now, twist your wrists in both directions and then move your elbows together, outwards for ten times, so as to stretch out the tensed areas in your forearms, hands and joints.


Make sure that the chair you sit on at work everyday is comfortable and helps to align your spine in an erect position. Keeping both your feet entirely on the floor is ideal while doing sedentary work at a desk, thereby ensuring optimal ergonomics for enhanced productivity and prevention of bone and muscle pain and strain.