Swimming – the act of pushing oneself through water with the help of limbs is perhaps the most recreational of all workouts.

A boy swimming in the pool

It’s a recognized sport, and also a fun activity for everyone as the mere mention of word ‘swimming’ itself brings happiness on the faces of children and adults alike!

After all, who doesn’t like to be in pool, trying to make a fresh commitment to achieve great fitness levels while having so much fun!

Swimming regularly at least thrice in a week offers unimaginable health benefits. It tones your muscles, serves as an intense cardio activity, relieves stress and a lot more.

Read on, to learn more about the unparalleled health benefits swimming has to offer.

Total Workout: Swimming is the only activity that uses all muscles in the body. Be it a simple breaststroke, gentle butterfly stroke it provides an intense activity to your entire body. Swimming for 30 minutes in pool is equivalent to 45 minutes of workout in the gym or cycling.

Lowers Risk of Diseases: Moving the whole body against the resistance of water builds endurance, muscle strength and is a great cardiovascular activity. It helps in maintaining healthy weight and guards against stroke, heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

Calorie Control: Swimming is the best way to shed all those extra calories. A good swim can burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes. It also helps in increasing energy levels and improves metabolic activity.

Alleviates Stress: Getting into the pool and swimming for 30 minutes is an awesome way destress yourself and relax. It instantly brings down the stress, reduces anxiety, deals with depression and helps one get sound sleep.

Builds Optimism: Do you know swimming can make us goal-oriented and develop a positive outlook towards life? Being in water encourages us mentally to strive and achieve set goals, improve the lap time. Hydro or water rehabilitation is the best way to deal with an injury and also to heal fast.

Improves Lung Power: Swimming is widely recommended for those suffering from respiratory issues like asthma. Studies reveal that gentle swimming helps in building more lung power and is recommended for asthma patients as water replaces moisture in the bronchial tubes expelled due to vigorous breathing.

If you suffer from respiratory issues, consult your doctor if swimming is recommended for you.