We all know that stress is bad, disturbs our mental health and wellbeing, leading to various psychological issues.Girl suffering from stress

However, several studies claim beyond doubt that high levels of stress can have unbelievable negative effects on the body too, causing several chronic conditions like diabetics, high blood pressure and the latest revelation being inflammation.

Constant worrying, negative thoughts, depression and anxiety alter the functioning of cortisol – the body’s main stress hormone in regulating inflammatory and immune response. Inflammation can often be a response to stress as it can cause constant breakdown of the tissues and impairment of the immune system.

Doctors assess the effect of stress on the immune system by measuring inflammatory markers – a group of chemical messengers affecting the immunity, its inability to cope up with the sensors and also taking various factors like negative mood swings associated with anxiety and depression.

Several researchers believe that chronic inflammation triggered by stress levels cause cardiovascular problems, depression and auto-immune diseases.

How To Prevent Stress-Triggered Inflammation?

It is easy to tell people ‘not to stress’ but it is not all that easy. However, there are natural ways to decrease stress levels.

Meditation And Breathing:

Controlled breathing and meditation work wonders for those suffering from high levels of stress. Our ancient wisdom Yoga and Pranayama are a treasure-trove of techniques on how to bring down stress and anxiety. Practicing measured breathing techniques, meditation, simple yoga postures instantly bring down unnecessary negative thinking, bring you cheers and provide amazingly healthy heart.

Talk To Family And Friends:

Talking to friends and family and sharing your views is the best way to beat stress. Sharing your views, fears, negative thoughts with closed ones will reduce a lot of burden being felt by you. Listen to your family and friends, try to follow suggestions, find solutions for the problems to get out of stress levels.

Eat Well And Drink Water:

Eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water also reduce stress levels significantly. Include fresh vegetables, fruits and plain water in regular diet and avoid deep fried, fatty items. Asparagus, avocados, nuts, milk, almonds, blueberries are foods that can reduce anxiety naturally.

Sleep Well:

A good 8-hour sleep is all what you need to decrease stress levels. Stress levels cause insomnia and lack of sleep causes various health issues. Sleep reduces levels of high blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Talk to your doctor to know how to catch a good night’s sleep and feel relaxed.

Workout, Get A Hobby:

Working out regularly or practicing a hobby releases happy hormones reducing the impact of cortisol on the body. Running, jogging or working out in the gym increase confidence levels, bring in happiness. Hobbies bring in a feel-good factor in life. Channel your passion in the right direction and try to practice your interests to bring down stress levels.