Kerala is literally weathering a storm – not just in the form of floods but with lakhs of people stranded in water, camped in rescue shelters, seeking help and braving the outbreak of epidemics. 

Medical Kit

In these tough times, help is pouring in from all directions. Be it at national or international level every little act of generosity is trickling down to filling hopes in the lives of flood affected Keralites and in restoring their lives back to normalcy. 

While army, air force, NGOs are working hand-in-hand with the government organisations to building back the worst hit areas, doctors are fearing the worst. An impending outbreak of epidemic may cause severe health issues for the children, adults and elderly people alike. 

If you are planning to rush a medical kit that would come in handy while treating several diseases, infections, ensure to pack these following medicine and essential items: 

1. Paracetamol: Paracetamol is a must-have wonder drug. Safe to use this brings down fever, reduces body aches, mild headaches and relief is instant. You can also pack in some pediatric paracetamol syrups in various flavours. Ibuprofen also helps in reducing body pain. 

2. Anti- Histamines: Anti-histamines are a need of the hour to get prompt relief from cold, running nose, cough, headaches, sore throat etc. Add some pop-ins like Strepsils, Vicks, Halls or other mentholated cough drops for soothing throat and for easy breathing. Amrutanjan roll-ons, Vicks Vaporub and other balms are also offer great help. 

3. Ointments and creams: There are a variety of topical ointments available that would help the needy. Betadine helps in curing cuts, bruises, deep incisions. Pack in some anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic creams that would stop bacterial growth on skin. 

4. Muscle Relaxant: Muscle relaxants can be used in the case of leg and hand pain, sprains, neck and backaches. Get some Volini, Diclofenac Gel, Iodex, Myoflex in the form ointments or sprays. 

5. Miscellaneous: Cotton rolls, surgical cotton gauze, band-aid, will come in handy for medical professionals during minor procedures. Pack a couple of digital thermometers for taking quick readings of body temperature.

 Dettol, Savlon antiseptic liquids, hand sanitizers, disinfectant soaps, over-the-counter skin ointments are also needed in camps, hospitals while treating patients.