Arthritis is a joint disease marked by inflammation and stiffness, accompanied by pain which can worsen with age. It is further categorized in different types with variable causes like injury, wear and tear, infections, abnormal metabolism and dysfunction in the immune system.

Arthritis at the workplace

The physical demands associated with a job can often cause joint disorders among young people or may worsen the existing symptoms. One of the major factors contributing to the development of arthritis is poor posture at workplace. Although the ill-effects of it are not felt immediately, however, the stress induced by these postures over a course of time may lead to certain anatomical changes. These can further provoke pain via constriction of blood vessels and nerves.

Some other habits like sitting in office chairs for long hours, prolonged standing, driving, carrying bag over same shoulder etc. are also major factors which play significant role in damaging the joints and lead to onset of arthritis. Such wrong postures put excess pressure which accelerates the degeneration of joints and discs, making the situation even worse.

Long working hours and unbalanced postures lead to tiring of the muscles which further puts extra pressure on the neck and back. Although it may be difficult to break old habits, poor posture could be corrected and considered an effective way to get relief from neck and back pain. Developing good practices of postures and actions at work can reduce the symptoms and sufferings, along with combating excess weight and abdominal obesity.