It's 2018 soon & our New Year Resolutions are in full swing! How many times have we done this only for the list to be forgotten by the 2nd week of January? It's great to have lofty goals but a timeline & a more specific plan than I will lose weight helps you stick to your goal & less likely to abandon it. New Year's Health Goals

Make One Resolution Pick a goal you want to achieve not because it's popular. Living healthy is a pretty vague goal. Break it up into plannable segments.

Instead of resolving to sleep more, think about cutting down screen- time (devices, TVs, gaming consoles, etc.) & getting around 7-8 hours of sleep a night. If you work a high-pressure job or are a new mom, make a conscious decision to sleep a minimum of 6 hours a night. This is a doable goal & you can gradually increase the numbers of hours you want to sleep.

Drinking enough water is something we all decide to do but forget. Keep an alarm for every 30 minutes or hour to drink at least a glass of water. It will help you flesh out your goal & make it seem concrete rather than a vague idea. Drinking water helps you lose weight, digestion, detoxify, keeps your skin and hair supple & healthy; it may even easy bowel movement.

Exercise is another resolution we invariably neglect after rushing into the neighbourhood gym to take advantage of the New Year discount on memberships. Make exercise more accessible by doing a 15-minute routine of stretches, squats or just a walk around your house or apartment block. Even if you can't squeeze in 15 minutes every day try to do it 5 days a week.

Don't Give Up recommit to your goal daily. Go back & recap all the progress you've made. Make sure your goals are achievable. It matters that you continue your New Year Resolutions.

If you find that you've fallen back on your plans or not reached that goal of 6 hours of sleep a night. Make adjustments & rethink the ways you can commit to your goal.

Congratulate yourself whenever you achieve small milestones. For example, pat yourself on the back when you've been able to take your schedule exercise break for a month without any disruptions.