M S Dhoni, the brand ambassador of Netmeds has attained yet another milestone in his illustrious cricketing career. The 37-year-old cricketer has become the first wicket keeper to take 50 catches in Twenty20 internationals in his recent match against England in Bristol.

Squat like MSD

The hawk-eyed stumper who never lets any ball bounce behind the batting end wicket is not only known for his amazing agility across the cricket field but also for his rock-solid squatting position.

To top it all, Dhoni delivers amazing moments while fielding and flicking his bat to helicopter shots.

For regular fitness enthusiasts, squatting may be a high-intensity strength training that improves the core strength of the muscles in legs, thighs and buttocks. However, it is no mean task for wicket keepers to stay put in the same position for many hours aiming to catch hold of the ball.

As a wicket keeper and a batsman Dhoni is estimated to be doing a minimum of 540 squats in one day of a test match.

Our Captain Cool may make it look easy but it was not achieved overnight. MSD often describes his fitness levels as ‘natural’ thanks to his genetics. And he has no qualms in admitting that he is not a fitness freak!

In an earlier interview to the media, he said, “I am not really a fitness freak, I think it’s quite natural for me. I am from a place where genes do matter, I am from Almora, Uttaranchal – the mountains.”

Thank his genetics, but don’t forget his dedication and determination in achieving his set targets. Besides his high-intensity workouts and strict fitness regime, MSD loves playing badminton for his footwork and honing his reflexes.

His former physiotherapist John Golster was quoted praising his exemplary abilities as a wicket keeper. “To be able to do hundreds of squats a day behind a wicket and then come out to bat means Dhoni has to be extremely fit.”