Sonakshi Sinha, the Kalank actress is unlike other Bollywood actresses of her age. The talented daughter of veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha, who was once body shamed for being obese, has slimmed down in the last few years. Sonakshi’s weight loss journey from being fat to fit is truly inspiring. In this article, we bring you how to lose weight like Sonakshi and her detoxing mantras for glowing skin.

Weight Loss and Diet Secrets Of Sonakshi Sinha

Skin Care:

Sonakshi’s skin care ritual is very simple and basic. She believes by the goodness of fuller’s earth face pack and aloe vera gel for an instant glow. The actress strongly recommends applying aloe vera gel on the skin to remove blemishes. Her day starts with rubbing ice cubes on the face to make it feel fresh and to minimize pores.

Hair Care:

The talented actress is known for her luscious mane and her hair care regimen too is very easy. She indulges in coconut oil and olive oil massage at least once a week and treats her hair to regular spa treatments. She chooses herbal shampoos with very little or no chemicals to provide a natural glow to the hair.

Food Habits:

Sonakshi is a self-confessed foodie and she declared it on many occasions. However, she believes in mindful eating. Her breakfast essentials are cereal, whole wheat toast, while her mid-day snack is dry fruits and green tea. For lunch, she indulges in homemade roti and sabzi and her dinner comprises dal, vegetable with grilled fish or chicken. She avoids eating carbs after 6 in the evening.

Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi never had any qualms expressing her displeasure over working out in the gym but the actress has come a long way in losing weight. Her gym routine involves cardio, weight training, cycling. She also plays tennis, goes for swimming and practices yoga twice a week.

Beauty Essentials:

The gorgeous actress believes in easy-to-use beauty essentials and they are a bare minimum. Her must-carry items are mascara, blush, eyeliner, moisturizer and a cleanser. She always carries water bottle and keeps sipping on it for hydration.