The winter is here and with Corona virus mutations still lurking around and limping back to normalcy may have to wait for few more weeks. Whatever the circumstances, we all agree in unison that physical and mental wellbeing should never take a backseat and one should lead a healthy lifestyle, for keeping various chronic conditions and diseases at a bay.

If you love walking, running, jogging and doing great legwork, may we suggest one more effective great workout? Skipping. Yes! All you need is a simple skipping rope for not only performing a combination of cardio, aerobic exercises but also for strengthening muscles, improving stamina, trigger metabolism and of course for losing the weight.

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Woman doing skipping

Can You Burn More Calories Just By Skipping?

Absolutely! Skipping is the easiest way to burn more calories than compared to other workouts like brisk walking. All you need to do is to skip the rope for ten minutes daily for burning 200 calories and losing weight!

What Are The Benefits of Skipping A Rope?

Skipping a rope, as a part of your daily workout routine offers immense health benefits.

Strengthens Cardiovascular System:

Skipping is a rope is an amazing way to keep your heart healthy. Jumping the rope triggers heart rate and regulates breathing, thus improving heart’s capacity to pump more blood, lower blood pressure. It also helps you sleep better, providing a better resting heart rate.

Improves Flexibility:

Jumping the role is like a full body workout, where all muscles in the body, especially in legs, arms, shoulders and abdominal region work in tandem. Since it requires great coordination it not only tones muscles but also improves overall body flexibility and burns calories even while resting between each skipping rope session.

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Triggers Happy Mood:

Psychiatrists suggest jumping rope as a form of daily workout for those suffering from depression, sudden bouts of anxiety, panic attacks as it increases blood circulation to the brain. This particular form of workout boosts confidence releases happy hormones and prevents sudden mood swings.

Burns Belly Fat:

Belly fat is bothersome. Those stubborn fat accumulations refuse to go away easily and are a hindrance in losing weight. Skipping the rope not only melts away belly fat at a quicker pace than running, jogging and brisk walking but also strengthens the abdominal muscles, regulates digestion and improves gut health.

Powers Lung Capacity:

Skipping a rope regularly benefits lung health tremendously. It not only boosts cardiorespiratory health but also facilitates more efficient inhalation of oxygen into the lungs. It increases lung power, prevents seasonal viral and bacterial infections. More oxygen supply reduces inflammation in the body, boosts immunity and aids in preventing various chronic diseases.

How To Choose A Skipping Rope?

It’s easy. Take the rope and step on to the middle.

Pull the rope on both sides to your shoulders and make sure the cables reach your armpit

If you are a beginner, try with basic rope. As you master this workout, you can go for other varieties like speed jump ropes, weighted jump ropes and the beaded ones, depending on your requirement.

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Pre-Requisites For Jumping A Rope:

Always perform warm-up exercises for ten minutes, before starting

Wear proper clothing and shoes for avoiding injuries

Drink water or fresh juice before and after the workout to replenish the lost fluids

If you are a cardiac patient, recently underwent a surgery, suffering from sudden bouts of fatigue, low on stamina, talk to your doctor before including skipping in to your daily workout routine.