Research indicates that more than 90% of Indian women suffer from a vaginal infection at least once during their lifetime1. In healthy women, the normal vaginal environment has certain ‘good bacteria’ that protect the vagina and prevent infection by harmful bacteria.

Saugella® -Experience the difference - proven natural intimate hygiene wash

For maintaining female intimate hygiene Mylan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited launched Saugella®- An international brand for feminine hygiene.

Saugella, is a natural’ feminine intimate hygiene product that is pH-balanced, 100% free of parabens2 and clinically tested by gynecologists3. Saugella is based on natural plants extracts with pharmacological properties and its mild and water-based solutions ensure that women are provided with the quality and safety that addresses the personal care needs and respects the physiological vaginal environment at all ages.

Using Saugella regularly can help maintain this healthy environment in a safe and effective way because of its natural ingredients that improve overall vaginal health and wellness.

With natural nourishing ingredients like plant extracts of thyme and sage, two herbs with proven antifungal and antibacterial action4, Saugella intimate hygiene wash gently deodorizes and provides a balanced solution that caters to every skin type. The gentle formula is designed to maintain hygiene, comfort and intimate balance while preventing skin irritation and make women less susceptible to the infections sometimes caused by natural changes in vaginal pH.

Unlike other feminine hygiene products in the market, Saugella has been clinically tested3 with more than 2000 women, which included young women, middle age women, expectant mothers and new mothers.

Saugella is the only intimate hygiene wash available in different variants to meet the needs of different women. Saugella® Attiva is specially designed for expecting mothers, new mothers, protection from infection during menstruation and women athletes while Saugella® Dermoliquido is for daily intimate hygiene.

The two variants, Saugella Dermoliquido and Saugella Attiva are available in 100ML bottles at INR 195 and INR 225, respectively. The two variants are also available in a value pack of 250ML.

Women can now order their bottles online through