Sara Ali Khan’s latest movie ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’, where she pairs opposite Kartik Aryan is slated for a release today, February 14- Valentine’s Day.

The sizzling 25-year-old starlet has enthralled everyone with her witty personality, undeniable confidence and down-to-earth perspective on life. Sara’s journey from being flab to fit has been a truly inspiring one. And to top it off, her commendable performance in her first two films and sartorial choices have set her apart from most star kids of her generation.

Sara Ali Khan

Although she is blessed with gorgeous skin and looks, her journey to become an actress was not a cakewalk at all. Having diagnosed with PCOS at a young age, a hormonal disorder that causes weight gain, excessive hair growth, irregular periods, and even infertility, Sara weighed a whopping 96 kgs and struggled hard to lose weight. But her undying passion for acting and becoming an actress inspired her to shed off those extra kilos and become healthy.

Opening up about a health complication that not many women have the courage to share on national television, she has garnered a lot of praise and made a special place in the hearts of millions.

Know more about her inspirational weight loss tips and beauty advice to become healthy and gorgeous:

Skin Care:

The bubbly actress is a true believer of her grandma’s i.e. ‘the evergreen Sharmila Tagore’s’ ‘ghar-ke- nuske’ or advice. Instead of smothering her face with tons of beauty creams, she prefers putting leftover fruits from her breakfast palate as a fruit mask. She even likes to use almond paste and honey as it scrubs away dead skin cells and gives way to glowing rejuvenated skin. She enjoys sipping on tender coconut water and coffee to stay hydrated throughout the day and never misses on her 8-hour beauty sleep.

Hair Care:

The fashion diva maintains her beautiful lustrous tresses by a simple hair care routine. Although one might repel away due to the signature strong smell, Sara swears by the use of onion juice and onion oil for her voluminous locks. Onion owing to its strong antibacterial properties, prevents the growth of lice and dandruff on the scalp and promotes hair growth and bestows a shiny texture to it. Also Read: 5 Astonishing Benefits Of Red Onion Hair Oil For Lustrous And Stronger Mane


Being a self-proclaimed foodie, Sara was never a fan of typical diets or to shy away from talking about food. She has always been vocal about her weight loss journey and encourages everyone to eat healthy and homecooked meals. The bubbly actress never starves herself and likes to eat at regular intervals. Her diet is not very complex and mostly consists of fiber-rich foods. Her breakfast comprises of egg white and bread toast whereas lunch is composed of chapattis, salad, dal, fruits, and vegetables. She eats a bowl of upma for her evening snack and dinner is mostly green vegetables and chapattis. She takes a bowl of boiled oats or muesli mixed with fresh fruits or nuts as pre-workout nutrition and a bowl of legumes and salad post exercises.


From being a total foodie to a fitness enthusiast, Sara’s workout videos have left no stone unturned in rendering major fitness goals. Sara incorporates a mixture of exercises in her fitness regimen to prevent it from getting boring. Her gym routine involves pilates, boot camp training, aerobics, dumbbell raise, cardio running, swimming, kickboxing etc. She even incorporates yoga every now and then to relax her mind and body. Her vigorous training and hardcore workout helped her shed that extra flab and be in perfect shape. Also Read: HIIT: 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of High Intensity, Killer Workout

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Beauty Essentials:

The bubbly actress flaunts flawless skin and looks all the more gorgeous even without makeup. Protecting the skin from the harmful sun rays is pretty important, and hence Sara always carries a sunscreen and a lip balm in her pouch. Sara mostly prefers going natural with bare minimum makeup while making public appearances. She loves using eyeliner and mascara and mostly favours darker or nude lip tints to give that youthful natural mesmerising glow.