Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanti, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna is a Hindu festival that falls on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in the month of Shravan.

Happy Krishna Jayanti

Lord Krishna and His playful nature as a child has always been associated with kids. In many houses, schools and temples across the country, children get dressed up like little Krishna and His gopikas.

Dance, drama enacting the life of Lord Krishna as per the stories told in Bhagavata, fasting, jagaran (night vigil), processions of Lord Krishna along with his consorts form a major part of celebrations across the country.

Houses are decorated with the little footprints of Lord Krishna at the main door and a butter pot in the puja room. These footprints lead to the butter pot as it is His favourite food!

Special food forms a main part of Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Various recipes made with butter, milk, curd, buttermilk and snacks are offered as a Naivedyam to the Lord.

It is a tradition to prepare snacks and food items that children like which contain milk and white butter like payasam, kheer, murukku, seedai. Relishing dishes made with milk, curd, butter has an inner meaning to it that each food comes with a heap of nutrients.

  • Milk is the complete protein and calcium make your child grow stronger and healthier.
  • White butter packed with fat-soluble vitamins and butyric acid makes it a good source of fat to promote the health of the children. It is also devoid of the salt content found in commercially made butter.
  • Curd is a natural probiotic makes your child’s gut healthy.

So, it is indeed a celebration that makes children happy and healthy life. wishes all its customers a Happy Sri Krishna Jayanti