Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a super grain gaining huge popularity because of the wide array of health benefits. It was known to the Incas as “the mother of all grains” and was cultivated over 5000 years ago. A flowering plant belongs to the amaranth family. The abundance of fibre in quinoa makes it an ideal food for weight loss, heart healthy, prevents cancer and the antioxidants do wonder for skin and hair health.

Quinoa is a super grain

 Nutritional Facts

Quinoa is a gluten-free whole grain, filled with an array of essential vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6), minerals (iron, calcium) and fibre. Quinoa is a great protein source for vegetarians, as it contains all the 9 essential amino acids and also has a high protein to carbohydrate ratio when compared to all other grains. Quinoa also contains heart-healthy, fatty acids (oleic acid).

 Health Benefits of Quinoa

 Weight loss partner

Adding quinoa to your diet is a great way to kick-start your weight loss regime. Quinoa is loaded with fibre than most other grains or seeds. It contains 2.5 grams of soluble fibre and research suggests, a compound, 20-hydroxyecdysone in quinoa helps burn more calories, absorbs fat and aids weight loss.

Good for the Heart

The soluble fibre in quinoa is the magic component that works for your heart. The soluble fibre in quinoa combines with bile acids in the liver to extract cholesterol from the blood, and then excreted in the bowels. Taking quinoa lowers bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.

Enhances skin health

The goodness of B vitamins in quinoa help treat age spots and skin pigmentation by lowering the deposits of dark melanin in the skin and maintains skin radiance. Vitamin B3 in quinoa cures acne, soothes the red and inflamed areas caused by acne breakouts.

Fights Inflammation

Quinoa is loaded with a wide range of E vitamins- alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherol, also contains antioxidant quercetin and kaempferol in higher concentrations than berries that fight free radicals. The B vitamins in quinoa reduce homocysteine levels an inflammatory hormone in the body. Studies have shown that the saponins in quinoa possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps Beat Cancer

As per research, quinoa is a super grain that can save your life. Evidence reveals that eating a bowl of quinoa daily can lower the risk of premature death by cancer.

Fight Diabetes and hypertension

Quinoa a low glycaemic index food is an excellent choice for a diabetic to control blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes-related weight gain, and manage hypertension. The presence of magnesium and potassium in quinoa helps lower the blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.