As the whole world is gripping in the COVID-19 scare, festivals and celebrations within the family do cheer up the people. April 14 marks the beginning of the new year for few states in India, according to the Hindu calendar. Be it, Chittirai Puthandu, or New Year for the Tamils, Vishu for the Malayalees, Pohela Boishakh for the Bengalis and Vaisakhi for the Punjabis, the traditional Hindu New Year is an important festival the marks the new beginnings and celebrates the spring harvest.
hindu new year ways to celebrate at home

This festival usually calls for the gathering with family members, offering pujas and religious rituals in temples and preparing a scrumptious meal. With lockdown and sealing of hot spots being strictly implemented in our country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations this year will not be in a grand manner. With going out being strictly prohibited, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram is the best way to connect with our loved ones, instill positivity in the mind, uplift mood and revel in the festive spirit. Also Read: Mental Health During Coronavirus Lockdown: Useful Tips To Maintain Optimal Well-Being Of The Mind

It may be the first time in all our memories that all these festivals are being observed subtlety just at home. Though the lockdown implemented by the government legislation ends on April 14, however, there could be an extension depending on the nature of transmission and how successfully the chain of SARS-CoV-2 infection would be contained. Also Read: Coronavirus: Effective Ways To Prevent The Transmission Of This Deadly Virus

Despite all these constraints, let’s not give up on the festival spirit. Make use of this time sensibly and bring home the festivities to celebrate with the family instead of stepping out. Cook traditional delicacies with whatever minimal essentials you have and enjoy the day homebound. 

4 Unique Ways To Celebrate Festivals In Times Of COVID-19 Lockdown:

Dress Up Well

Just because you are staying at home, it doesn’t mean that you should stop yourself from dressing up well. Look into your wardrobe, pick the best traditional attire. Arrange for kolam or Rangoli at your main door. Do not fret if you don’t get flowers. Mix some turmeric powder in a little bit of rice flour and adorn the house beautifully. 

Cook Delicacies

Food is a vital part of any festival and the very first thing that comes to our mind is thinking about the list of elaborate and delectable festive foods. Many of us are cooking on ration, owing to the lockdown. Try interesting versions of customary festival recipes with minimal ingredients and vegetables available at home like mango pachadi, bengali dal, kootu curry and rice kheer, as no festive meal is complete without the dessert.

Perform Puja At Home

Prayers and traditional rituals are an integral part of festivals. During this pandemic episode, let’s perform puja at home and also be a part of virtual Satsang seeking blessings from the Almighty to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Donate /Share With Needy

The spirit of the festival lies in sharing and donating for the lesser privileged. Millions of people all over the world are deprived of food due to the lockdown halt. As responsible citizens let us do our part and donate whatever we have in terms of food, groceries, and money to the needy and help someone see another day of hope. Enjoy these festivals by spreading kindness, joy and the happiness of sharing.