It’s crazy chaotic and marvelous when you bring your little one home for the first time. Postpartum problems or post-pregnancy issues are very common and are mainly affected by fluctuating health, emotions and behavioral patterns.

Post Pregnancy Issues And Steps To Handle Them Easily

Here’s how new moms can cope with these issues:

1. Vaginal pain or pain in the lower abdomen


This issue is fairly common. Abdominal pain occurs in women who undergo C-section, whilst vaginal pain happens in the case normal deliveries. Mild painkillers, special kinds of exercises and yoga are advised to ease pain.

2. Urinary Infection


This is the most recurring problem faced by new moms. Urinary infection, burning sensation and irritation around the area quite common. There are various feminine hygiene products that can be used regularly until this is cured. Pelvic exercise and yoga is also recommended to manage this infection effectively.

3. Vaginal bleeding


 Following delivery, the area where the placenta was attached to the uterine wall bleeds, and the uterus must contract to prevent blood loss. Uterine massage is commonly used to help the uterus contract. Oxytocin and Ergotamine are mainly advised by doctors for postpartum hemorrhage.

4. New mothers also suffer from breast engorgement and pain


This is a condition when the breasts hurt due to expansion and pressure exerted by the mammary glands and hence it is recommended to use warm towels to massage breasts and clean after every feed.

5. Depression


This is incepted by sleep deprivation, and fluctuation in hormones. You want to make sure the baby is healthy, clean, well-fed, etc., and as a new mom, you’ve never done any of this before, so it stands to reason that you might feel a bit of anxiety. However, if that anxiety is crippling to the point where you can’t breathe properly, you can’t leave the house, you’re losing weight, etc., then that’s when you need to learn some coping strategies. This can be avoided by yoga, exercises and taking shifts with any family member to take care of baby.

6. Last, but not least, sleep deprivation


This is largely caused by alertness to take care of the baby and the changes in the body. So, it is very important that new moms must try catching up to sleep while baby naps be it any time of the day. They must also start taking shifts with her family members for looking after their baby. However, it is recommended that one must visit a doctor for any of the above issues. These practices will help to overcome the issues of post-partum.