Motherhood brings a new meaning to your life and to your world.Post Natal Care

While your baby becomes the centre of attraction for your entire family and friends, as a new mother, you too need great care and equal amount of attention to recover.

Post-natal care is very crucial as it helps a woman to gain back physical and mental stamina, strength to move forward in caring for the baby, family and career. Proper food along with rest, will help in getting over those post-partum blues.

Here Are Must Do’s For A New Mother:


Childbirth through a normal or C-Section is very taxing, drains the mother out of all energy. The 24-hour cycle may not be enough while caring for the baby as they need to be fed every two hours and would require regular change of nappies. No matter how busy you are, get your eight hour sleep for faster recovery. Delegate household chores to other family members while you rest.

Keep Up Appointment

New moms require much care and attention. So never miss the doctor’s appointment to check on stitches and post-delivery care If you experience pain, fever, dizziness, or any discomfort consult a doctor immediately, especially if you had a C -section.

Focus On Good Nutrition

You are always busy and engaged in meeting your baby’s needs, but don’t neglect your health in the process. So, it is vital to focus on eating a well-balanced diet that includes a good source of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals that nourish both the mother and newborn.

Try To Stay Active

Staying active will help you to shed the weight gained during pregnancy and handle post-partum blues. You should wait for some time before starting to exercise -  you can start your workout after 12 weeks post C-Section and 4 weeks post normal delivery. Till then, you can do simple stretches, ankle toe movements, and relaxed breathing immediately after delivery and a short walk in your veranda after a few days is also appreciated.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and care are of utmost importance post-delivery to minimize the risk of getting any infections and passing it on to the newborn. Pay special attention to hygiene – wash hands often, clean the breast before and after the feed and limit your interaction with family members who have got a cold or flu.

Get Help From Family

Even if you are a supermom, share responsibility among family members. Get help from your family and hire domestic helpers to manage basic household works.

Be Mindful of Postpartum Blues

Post-partum blues are very common, you feel irritated emotionally, depressed, feel weepy and alone. Just relax these are very common due to hormonal changes and will settle soon. But in any case, if it prolongs and symptoms persist such as loss of appetite, rapid weight loss or gain, feeling of hopelessness, showing disinterest in your baby, then seek immediate help for postpartum depression.

Get Expert Advice

New moms are flooded with advice from family and friends, but always remember your baby’s well-being depends upon your health so get the right advice. Your doctor or therapist will be the right person to suggest proper workout regimen to help you to shed extra kilos gained during pregnancy.