Ever wondered what causes stiffness or pain in the neck region soon after you wake up? Your pillow might be the culprit affecting the quality of your sleep and giving you that annoying pain in the neck.

A Girl Holding A Pillow

Most of us love to buy large, soft, cushioned mattresses but we often tend to forget how important pillows are. If you end up folding your pillow every night to get it into a comfortable position to place under your head, it means the pillow is old and it’s time to change it. In case, if your pillow is new and not providing you with enough comfort, you made a wrong choice!

Why The Right Pillow Matters?


Bed pillows play an important role in getting the sleep posture right. The right sleep posture is aligning your body from knees, hips, through the spine to chest, shoulders, head and neck.

It is important to provide enough support to your shoulders and neck to avoid strain, and other pains which not only cause sleeplessness but also constant discomfort. 

How To choose The Right Pillow:


Doctors recommend replacing your pillow for every one-and-half-year as they might wear out with regular use. Pillows should also be replaced to avoid mold, fungus, bacterial infections, dust mites that would have accumulated on the surface over the years.

Go for natural or synthetic pillows but ensure that they provide you with maximum comfort and are appropriate for you. 

Cotton Pillows: Cotton pillows are quite common in many Indian households and are resistant to mold and dust mites. They are flat in shape and firm to hold and are often preferred by people suffering from allergies.

Latex Pillows: Latex pillows are becoming popular as they can be squished into a position you like and hold their shape. These pillows too are dust and mold resistant, however may restrict your head and neck movement during sleep.

Polyester fill: Polyester fill pillows are inexpensive and tend to be medium soft. As they flatten with the time, they need to replace quite often.  

Memory Foam: Memory foam pillows and mattresses are a latest rage and quite popular. Memory foam pillows soften and conform to the individual shape. It also distributes weight evenly across the surface making it popular among those with sleep issues, head and neck pain.

Different Pillows for Different Sleepers:


Side sleepers need a firmer and thicker on the sides. Stomach sleepers should choose a soft pillow and back sleepers go for a flat one for maintaining alignment in head and neck.

Size and Fabric: Choose a standard size pillow as it fits mostly into everybody’s requirement. Ensure that the pillow and pillow case fit properly.

If you are looking for speciality shaped pillows like cervical or contour shaped ones, choose the right one according to your needs. These pillows may relieve you from neck, head pain and provide enough support and stability.

Fabric plays an important role too. Choose for breathable fabrics, ensure the pillow cases don’t get stained and are sweat-free.