For a woman walking back after work or a girl walking alone on isolated roads after her class or for an elderly couple living alone, pepper sprays are an investment that come in handy for self-defense.Pepper Spray

It is a non-lethal weapon to carry when you are alone and a highly recommended means of self-defense. Carry pepper spray especially if you are travelling late at night, it is very handy and fits even in small handbags, pockets and jackets. A very simple device that allows you to tackle any emergency situation and violent attacks with courage and willpower.

Pepper sprays are not very expensive, and it is very easy to operate. They also come disguised as lipsticks, rings and fresheners in different sizes and strength.

Pepper spray has various ingredients the main one being oleoresin capsicum, made from hot cayenne peppers. Pepper spray is potent to irritate and inflame the mucous membranes of the assailant’s eyes, nose, throat and lungs. This makes the attacker close the eyes suddenly and be blinded for few minutes by the sudden attack.

It may also cause breathing difficulty as the pepper spray is very pungent. Breathing difficulty lasts for 3-15 minutes, blindness lasts for 30 minutes and burning last for 40 minutes and the attacker feels severe pain and heat.

It is a remarkable self-defense weapon as it right away weakens the attacker, letting you escape to safety.

Carrying pepper spray is legal in India and nothing in law classify pepper spray as an illegal substance, it must be used only in danger.

Precautions To Follow If You Come In Contact With The Spray

Don’t touch your face.

Blink quickly as this will help you to shed tears and helps to flush out the spray.

Apply milk this will reduce the effect of burning.

Use soap or shampoo along with water to wash off, as water alone will not help you.