Pneumonia is a disease that causes lung infection because of inhaled bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other parasites. It can occur at any age, however, older people, at the age of 70 years or above are more prone. They are at higher risk because of weak immune system. Since, ageing is also associated with other condition like heart diseases and breathing troubles, it makes the condition adverse. 

Old Man With Pneumonia

The main symptoms to determine pneumonia in elderly people are: 

  • Cough: Phlegm, produced due to wet and moist coughing. A wheezing sound during breathing. Initial symptoms are common cold which gets worse over the time.
  • Fever: Low to high grade fever, varying as per the type of pneumonia, sweating, chilling, and shivering.
  • Chest pain: High pressure on chest and ribs due to coughing, in rare elderly cases it can also cause rib fracture, and problems in spine like slip disc. It causes excess of fluid accumulation in lungs, causing congestion and breathing troubles, panting, and change coloration due to lack of oxygen supply to body organs. .
  • Fatigue: It causes a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. Lack of energy and discomfort, which might lead to falling risks and other injuries.
  • Confusion: Pneumonia in elder people causes puzzling behaviour and troubled thinking. 

There are antibiotic treatment options available for pneumonia conditions. People with various other health issues are given advanced treatments. But, the best way to avoid pneumonia is maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, eating proper food for boosting immune system, and keeping hygiene issues in mind.