Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna, took a masterclass on oats with the aim of showcasing oats as an appetising and nutritious breakfast option, He prepared two recipes using Quaker Whole Oats, a new variant made from "uncut A grade oats".

Chef Vikas Khanna cooking

One was Thandai Oats, a recipe loaded with the richness of dry fruits and aromatic ingredients, layered together with overnight soaked whole oats, spinach puree and topped with candied nuts.

The other was Curd Oats with Parmesan crisp, a mix of dried herbs, spices, cherries, plums, and baby vegetables like broccoli, beans, beetroots, carrots, cauliflower and corn, which gave regular "dahi" a makeover and amped it up for a tastier version.

Asked about how aware people have become when it comes to not skipping breakfast, Khanna said: "I think because of Internet and because of media, there is whole lot of awareness... The industry is changing because of requirement of people," he said.

"Breakfast is essential and everybody needs to understand that if stomach is empty, brain starts becoming extremely aggressive," he added.

Vikas Khanna says his next book will focus on grains and will also talk about India's northeast region which he feels still holds its rich culture intact through food. "My next thing (book) is only about grains and about north east. They are a culture which inspite of being modernised still holds on to the value of their grains and how they do farming. I was obssessed with their fish paddy farming,” he added.