Oats are the most popular breakfast food across the globe, as they are endowed with a wealth of nutrients and are easy to cook. You can simply use them to make smoothies, porridges, milkshakes, dosa, idly, upma, and even desserts like cake, muffins, and cookies to name a few. Well, this humble whole grain comes with a boast of health incentives including, weight loss, augment, heart health, control of blood pressure, and diabetes.

Did you know that oats can be consumed for all three meals a day to shed that stubborn fat? Voila! Yes, oats being blessed with an impressive profile of nutrients helps to avert unwanted cravings, and hunger pangs and lessen the need for you to snack between meals. Though it is not suggested to limit your food intake to just one main food group or type, the oatmeal diet is a wholesome choice if you wish to lose weight fast. Also, remember that oatmeal when taken as part of calorie-restricted diet along with other nutritious food may offer umpteen health benefits.

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What Is The Oatmeal Diet?

The oatmeal diet is designed around oatmeal as the main element, but it comprises more than just having oatmeal. The main concept is to eat oatmeal as your main course for one or two meals every day. This diet plan includes two phases which include:

Phase 1:

In this phase, one should consume oatmeal for three meals every day for the first week. During this phase, you should be eating only whole oats and not instant ones. You can also include some portion of fruit with oatmeal and snacks.

Phase 2:

After the first phase, you will be having oatmeal for one or two meals a day with a healthy source of fat for other meals. More fruit and vegetables are allowed at this phase, and you can also have instant oatmeal.

The other option is a six-day meal regimen that includes oatmeal for two days of the daily meals. This is quite similar to phase two and you would just miss the full seven days of oatmeal for each meal.

What Do You Eat On The Oatmeal Diet?

On the oatmeal diet it is recommended to have ½ cup of oatmeal, that is the serving size for each meal - breakfast and lunch. While this diet regimen also allows you to add a minimal amount of skim milk, some fruit, as well as low-fat yogurt as an accompaniment. Cinnamon powder is drizzled to add flavour.

Fresh fruit and vegetables salads or nuts can be incorporated as intermediary snacks.

For dinner, this diet plan allows to add grilled chicken, fish, or a small portion of steak. And to treat yourself one can have a low-calorie dessert after dinner.

How Does The Diet Help To Lose Weight?

If religiously followed, the oatmeal diet can help a person attain an overall weight loss strategy. As the diet regimen is low on calorie, and low fat, and includes healthy food choices.

Oatmeal being an abundant source of fiber helps you lose weight by keeping you satiated than having other foods, Also richness of fibre triggers gut health and promotes digestive function.

Further, it is highly recommended to incorporate exercise on a daily basis, this will increase the number of calories burnt each day, as well as maintain body fit and reduce the risk of muscle mass loss.

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Health Benefits Of Eating The Oatmeal Diet

Oats are a complex source of whole grain that can be a part of healthy diet regimen. Oats is endowed with a good source of fibre, protein, nil sugars and fair amount of calcium and iron. Being low in calories it offers only 1.5 grams of fat.

Some of the amazing incentives of eating oatmeal include lowers your risk of developing heart disease, colorectal cancer, regulate blood pressure and promote digestion process. Thus, oatmeal can be added to a part of healthy meal plan.


Though oats and oatmeal confer several benefits for your overall health, there are a few risks associated with this diet regimen.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting any new diet plan. As this is a very low-calorie diet, some health experts may consider the calorie count to be very low to maintain a healthy status.

As the diet is restrictive and eating oatmeal for one or two meals every day can be it difficult to stick with it. And this eventually makes it more difficult to lose weight.