COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a respiratory disease that accounted for an estimated 7% of deaths in India. It's also the 3rd leading cause of death. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates around 65 million people may be living with moderate to severe COPD worldwide.

Give Your Lungs a Breather with these Foods

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

(COPD) describes advancing lung diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, non-reversible asthma & some bronchiectasis types. One common characteristic is increased breathlessness.

Whether your COPD diagnosis is recent or you've been a long time sufferer- it's always good to support your COPD treatment medications schedule by eating right. COPD is aggravated by certain oils & foods say modern experts. While weight loss is also a symptom of COPD, people who are overweight may suffer as internal organs work hard to take in adequate oxygen. A nutritious & balanced diet helps ease those suffocating symptoms.

  • Veggies rich in antioxidants give your lungs a breather - Load your plate with leafy green vegetables like cauliflower, Kale, cabbage, broccoli.
  • Vitamin C boosts lung function- Snack of Vitamin C rich fruits like Oranges, cantaloupe, grapefruit & Kiwi. Hydrate your lungs- Drinking at least 6 -8 glasses of water in a day helps your lungs keep from drying out, getting inflamed & irritated.
  • Fish- Fatty fish are a good source of Omega- 3 acids that boost pulmonary health. Make salmon, Bluefin Tuna, anchovies & sardines part of your dinner menu once or twice a week.
  • Fats - Carbohydrates, fats & proteins are the 3 main sources of energy for your body. Carbs use a lot more oxygen to metabolize & create more carbon dioxide. Fats use less oxygen to metabolize & produce less oxygen. You may find that eating less carbs & including more fats helps improve your symptoms.
  • Small Portions- Eating small meals spread through the day helps you digest food easily & maintains your energy all through the day. Less food in the stomach means it doesn't doesn't press up against the diaphragm making breathing difficult.
  • Sodium- Excess sodium leads to water retention in the body causing the lungs to work overtime. When you substitute salt with other seasonings, you can reduce your salt intake & breathe a little easier.
  • Exercise- You may not be able to work out heavily - Cardiovascular & lung health are closely linked. It's important to maintain a healthy weight & maintain lung capacity. Go on a mild exercise regime based on your doctor's advice.

COPD can be a manageable disease. You will be able to enjoy an improved quality of life take your medications without skipping them & follow doctor's advice.

Some COPD treatment medications available on are:

  • Tiotropium
  • Albuterol Ipratropium
  • Roflumilast