November marks many health days like World Diabetes Day, Lung Cancer Awareness month, World Epilespy Day and the latest to join is No-Shave November.No Shave November

The concept of No-Shave November has gained quite a momentum in the last couple of years with several individuals willing to grow their beards with the aim to donate hair at the end of the month for cancer patients, along with the hair maintenance expenses you have saved over a month.

Launched by 8 siblings from Chicago after their father passed away with colon cancer in 2009, No-Shave November is being followed worldwide to raise awareness about various types of cancers, including prostate cancer.

With many corporates getting involved in the No-Shave November movement and donating hair for cancer patients, it’s time to learn more about the movement. If you are thinking about growing your beard, here are some good things that will come out of it.

Spreading Cancer Awareness:

The first and foremost aim of No-Shave November is to create awareness about various cancers. Growing a beard itself may make you start a conversation on why you are doing it and helps you talk about the deadly disease.

Learn and share your views, understanding, tests, diagnosis, treatment options available in curbing cancers and help in creating awareness.

Donate Expenses:

You will save money on grooming expenses. It may not be much, but every little bit counts in cancer research. Save your expenses, donate that money for the welfare of cancer patients and research.

Health Benefit:

Do you know a beard serves as a natural toxin filter and it helps in preventing pollen, dust getting making a way into your lungs? It can also prevent blemishes caused due to shaving. And one more fun fact is that beard helps block at least 95 per cent of sun’s UV rays.

New Look:

Flaunting a new look gives a feel-good factor and it is also a great opportunity to experiment with the looks. If you liked your beard look, continue it even after November or otherwise go back to clean shave.

It’s Not Sexist:

Don’t think this entire movement is sexist. Women can always donate their long manes for cancer patients. If you have your partner growing a beard, join him and donate hair for the same noble cause.