India celebrates National Doctor’s Day on July 1 every year, in honour of the legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. On this day we acknowledge the benevolent services offered by the doctors in our country and to show our sincere and utmost gratitude to all those who have selflessly helped us in times of need, working diligently for the well-being of mankind. 

doctor's day

If we had not recognised the value of doctors before, then it’s time we recognise their self-less service, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we are staying safe at home, the doctors are working relentlessly, risking their lives, saving millions from the deadly SARS-Cov-2 virus. 

Doctors are our all-time heroes, it is truly said that doctor is like a God who treats, cures us and gives us a new healthy life. This day gives us an opportunity to thank the selfless work of doctors for instilling faith and confidence in us to fight COVID-19.

These days we are witnessing unfortunate attacks on doctors and paramedical staff by the patient's attendants in the hospitals, by the neighbours and other unruly individuals accusing medical professionals of spreading deadly coronavirus to others. But in reality, doctors are working round-the-clock, compromising on their sleep, health and they are undoubtedly the frontline warriors, sending many patients back home safe. 

And here are 5 reasons why you should appreciate doctors and thank them for their immense contribution to fighting the lethal COVID-19. 

Immense Fight Of Doctors To Battle Covid-19

Dressed In PPE For 6 Hours:

Do you know that doctors and their staff are always dressed in Personal Protection Wear and cannot change the PPE for 6 hours while attending their patients? Getting packed in PPE is quite discomforting and even suffocating. Those in PPE cannot even use a washroom for 6 hours and they need to be extra careful while discarding it. Many doctors are drinking very little water and using adult diapers to avoid washroom visits. 

At High Risk Of Infection:

Though doctors are advised to maintain 6 feet distance from the patients, they are still at high risk of getting the infection. It is not possible to check the breathing, heart rate and other parameters without touching the patient, putting doctors at a greater risk of contracting this deadly infection. 

No Breaks:

The doctors need to work for 6 hours continuously after wearing a PPE suit, which means they don’t get a break. They cannot even sip on water or coffee and have to work non-stop. Many doctors and nurses are complaining of severe dehydration, fatigue, headaches, owing to the hard work they are putting into saving our lives. 

Poor Working Conditions:

Many doctors and staff are sweating it out in the hospitals as it is not possible to switch on the air-conditioners and fans. The virus spreads much faster in a closed environment and the chilled weather can contribute to more cases. Many doctors are complaining of hyperhidrosis, a skin infection caused due to excessive sweating in hands.

Risking Their Families:

It is not just the doctors; their families too, are at the risk of COVID-19. Despite following strict preventive measures, we are coming across how doctors are falling prey to this deadly infection. In fact, many doctors dealing directly with coronavirus patients have even stopped visiting their families and are meeting them weekly once, that too from a distance. salutes all the doctors in our country, for being the frontline warriors and saving millions of lives