Monsoon is in full swing, and it is time to enjoy the downpours, greenery, and cozy weather. Yes, this season confers us with many reasons to revel in the pleasant climate, but it also brings along many health anomalies that need to be taken care of. Monsoon triggers airborne infections such as flu, common cold, cough, and sore throat. Also, most people suffer from digestive woes and other health problems.

Hence it is vital to boost your immune system as infections are widespread and the body’s disease-fighting ability is low. So, how to bolster your immune health? Well, leading a healthy lifestyle is important, as it will trigger immunity and uplift the body’s chance to combat diseases. A wholesome diet with a right proportion of nutrients can help you lead a healthy life.
Powerful kitchen ingredients to combat seasonal infections

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Incorporating some of these wonderful ingredients available in your kitchen into your diet regimen helps to avert monsoon infections from catching you.

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Kitchen Ingredients To Fight Monsoon Maladies


Tulsi is one of the best medicinal herbs that has powerful characteristics in fighting respiratory infections. From easing cough, and cold, and stimulating digestion to detoxifying the liver, the merits are numerous. A few drops of tusli water sprinkled over foods can purify and kill pathogens as well. It acts as a natural immune booster and keeps infections at bay. Tulsi safeguards the body against all infection-causing germs such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

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A concoction of tulsi leaves and flowers may help combat the common cold, cough, sore throat, and fever. The best way to boost immunity during monsoon season is to have tulsi tea daily.


Ginger is bestowed with medicinal properties that protect against the common cold and flu. The strong antibacterial and antiviral actions of ginger help to fight the flu virus. The presence of gingerol and shagol bioactive compounds in ginger stimulates perspiration and brings down fever. Also, seasonal flu weakens the gastrointestinal system, adding ginger to the meal can promote appetite and the digestion process


Sip a warm cup of ginger tea regularly for soothing sore throat, cold and relief from body aches.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is used since times immemorial in traditional medicine to treat a host of health maladies. The natural expectorant actions of black pepper reduce symptoms related to cough and cold, and when taken alongside honey, works as the best cough suppressant. Moreover, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities of black pepper help to boost the immune system and keep infections at bay


Sauté a teaspoon of desi ghee with 1/2 teaspoon of crushed black pepper for a few seconds and have this mixture on an empty stomach to get respite from the cough.


Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices that bolster the immune system by supporting the body to defend against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The natural antibiotic action of turmeric fights infection and improves overall health.


Drinking warm Haldi milk daily acts as a decongestant and helps to clear the mucus and offers relief from cold and cough.


Garlic laden with good-for-you nutrients like vitamins C, B6, selenium, and antioxidants triggers the immune system and keeps infections at bay. Apart from this, the presence of allicin compound in garlic shield the body against various seasonal diseases.


Chew on 2 cloves of fresh raw garlic to trigger immunity and fight the common cold and flu.