Effective menstrual hygiene is an essential measure to maintain the health, well-being, empowerment, dignity, mobility and productivity of girls and women.

Menstrual hygiene products

Nowadays many menstrual hygiene products are commercially available for better lifestyle. Among the commercially available products, the most commonly used are reusable sanitary pads that are made of soft cotton. These are cheaper and more environment friendly than the disposable pads and are available at cheaper costs.

Tampons are another menstrual hygiene based commercial product that is becoming increasingly common amongst women who are in their 30s. Due to the greater physical freedom during menstruation compared to pads, more women prefer tampons for effective management. It should be noted that the tampons should be changed between 4 to 8 hours. Some women even combine a tampon with a pad for extra protection on high-flow days.

One increasingly popular alternative for using tampons are menstrual cups. Most women prefer these cups over pads and tampons because they can be safely worn up to 12 hours, however are a bit higher in costs. They are also most environment friendly because they are reusable.

Sanitary pads and panty liners are however, the most commonly used menstrual hygiene products and must be changed every 3-4 hours irrespective of the conditions. Nonetheless, no matter the type of product used, it should be kept in mind to maintain proper hand hygiene using sanitizers and other similar products, while changing or adding the product to prevent any infections.