Are you also one among those who struggle to find the right position to sleep during your periods, due to that uncomfortable pad? Remember all the adventure plans you had to cancel because it was your first day and you feared that your pants would stain or were unsure if you will be able to find a place to change your pad? All the ladies have been in such a situation at least once. What if all this itching and uneasiness can be curbed? A simple solution to this ‘bloody’ disaster is shifting to safe, environmental-friendly and easy to use menstrual cup.

Dr. Anu Sridhar talks about menstrual cup

Apart from causing all that trouble and sleeplessness, pads are toxic to the environment too. After their disposal, they just increase the landfill waste. Unlike pads or tampons, these cups do not absorb the blood but collect the fluid which can be flushed later. All you have to do is rinse and wash this cup. There are some major myths that need to be busted and benefits that need to be realised about these wonder cups.

Not So Tacky:

The blood that oozes out is your own and there is no need to panic or feel gross about it. It might get a little messy, but with all the benefits it offers, it’s worth all that mess. Period blood is just like any other body mucous and you have to just put that extra effort to wash your hands while inserting or removing the cup, which is advisable even when putting or disposing a pad.

Sleep Like A Queen:

No more sleepless nights and uncomfortable positions of sleep. This cup fits right in and doesn’t irritate or obstruct the position of your leg. With a leg down, with leg up, sideways or just straight, sleep the way you want to.

Super Saver:

As we know, a menstrual cup can last up to ten years and it isn’t very expensive.

No More Itchy Rashes:

Pads, when worn for long time cause an itching or rashes on the sides of your thighs and even near the vagina. This may lead to discomfort while urinating or when sitting for long hours.

No Period Odour:

Pads and tampons absorb blood unlike cups that just collect them. Due to passage of air and being enclosed between your legs, a certain strange period smell starts diffusing. This often embarrasses us, specifically in crowded places like offices, where you are too close to another person.

Too Small, Yet Too Big:

Although it might feel like you are gushing out an ocean of blood during your periods, it’s actually not that amount of fluid. The cup looks quite small but it holds more blood than a pad or tampon. On the days, when your period flow is moderate, you lose hardly 5-7 ml of blood per day and can be easily accommodated in that little cup.

Menstrual cups are like this boat you have to ride on and that’ll swiftly sail you through this storm of periods. It is also a more feasible option for sexually active women. They are the safest and most efficient available option today.

By Dr. Anu Sridhar, Consultant- Obstetrician And Gynaecology, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru