The best diet in the annual rankings released by the US News and World Report for the year 2020, went to The Mediterranean Diet and it came as no surprise!

Known for promoting well-being and supporting weight loss at the same time, Mediterranean diet was unanimously ranked ‘top’ by an expert team including eminent medical experts, nutritionists, psychologists, diabetologists and cardiac care specialists.

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The panel mulled over various benefits offered by different diet plans and fads like how easy it is to follow, nature to provide short-term and long-term weight loss, nutritionally wholeness, how safe to consume and how effective the diet regulates diabetes and heart disease, etc., before zeroing on the winner.  Also Read: Why The Mediterranean Diet Is Perfect For Indians Too

The experts agreed in unison that this particular diet plan is quite motivating owing to its easy-to-follow nature, and it aids in weight loss, without compromising on the nutritional values.

Mediterranean diet is highly valued and appreciated, thanks to its emphasis on eating healthy, rich flavours and easy cooking methods. In the early 1960’s, it was observed that coronary heart disease-related deaths were fewer in Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain, Greece than in the US and Europe. Scientific evidence in the later years revealed that the Mediterranean diet was the prime reason behind the low incidence of heart diseases in these regions.

Mediterranean diet is endorsed by the World Health Organization as a healthy and sustainable diet pattern that promotes health and prevents chronic diseases.

What Is A Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet is a diet plan that focusses on eating traditional foods widely found in the Mediterranean region, it is high on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and olive oil. The chief elements of the Mediterranean diet include:

Regular addition of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.

To add fish, poultry, beans and eggs on a weekly basis

Minimize the intake of dairy products

Limit the intake of red meat

Mediterranean diet permits an intake of red wine.

However, the diet plan alone would not help. You need to be physically active to promote your overall wellness.

12 Astonishing Reasons To Follow The Mediterranean Diet

Say No To Calorie Counting

The heart-healthy diet does not stress on counting the calories, rather insists on switching over to healthy fat like olive oil instead of butter. Go for lean meat like fish and poultry and say no to red meat and relish fresh fruits instead of sugary desserts. Enjoy ample amounts of veggies and beans, a fistful of nuts and whole-grain cereals and wine in moderate amounts.

Enjoy Wholesome Fresh Foods

The Mediterranean diet allows you to relish from a wide range of locally and seasonally available produce. Make delectable salads, grilled veggies with cheese and baked vegetables with olive oil and reap the nutritional incentives.

Whole Grain Bread Is Allowed

A healthy loaf of bread made with whole grain cereals is a nutrient punch of protein and essentials minerals than ones made with refined flour. Go for whole-grain pita bread with olive or other vegetable hummus.

Choose Healthy Fats

Choose from a wide range of healthy fats like olive oil and nuts which are well-known to improve heart health and combat diabetes and cancer. Also Read: Olive : Must Know Health Incentives Of Eating This Nutrition Loaded Fruit

Meal Is Varied

The diet allows you to relish from a spectrum of a rich array of foods from fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats to make your meal plan delectable and balanced.

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Adds Spice To Meal

Right from bay leaf, cilantro, coriander, garlic, rosemary, cinnamon and pepper, these spices add flavour and aroma to the dishes without the need for extra salt. Moreover, the spices are a powerhouse of antioxidants that keep infections at bay.

Easy To Prepare

The meals are very simple and easy to prepare in a jiffy. Take some fresh basil, quinoa, olives and cheese toss-up to make your heart-healthy dish.

Wine Is Allowed

Red wine is allowed in the Mediterranean diet plan and several studies show that a glass of wine is great for your heart.

Keep You Satiated

The Mediterranean diet is loaded with a rich array of plant based-foods loaded with fibre that keeps you full, delays gastric emptying time and prevents you from overeating.

Promotes Weight Loss

Mediterranean diet is a time tested diet plan that assists you to lose weight. The diet curbs your appetite keeps you satiated and very easy to sustain. Regular workout is also an essential part of those on the Mediterranean diet.

Heart Healthy Diet

Mediterranean diet comprises the right blend of foods that are well-known to promote heart health. The goodness of nuts and olive oils lowers bad cholesterol, fruits and veggies clear up the clogged arteries, fish lowers triglycerides and regulates blood pressure. A glass of red wine improves blood circulation.

Boosts Brain Health

The richness of antioxidants in the Mediterranean diet aids to lessen inflammation and promotes brain health.