Planning a summer vacation but confused as to what to carry in your make-up bags? Do carry a cleanser, toner and moisturizer along with some blotting papers to dab off excess oil to keep your face clean, say experts.

Saba Khan, Head of Education, Make-up Designory, India, and make-up experts from the Balm Cosmetics, India have doled out summer essentials to carry in your travel kits:

Firstly, begin with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer and a gel-based sunscreen which will not clog pores and feels weightless on the skin.

Use a good face primer according to your skin type. Let each of the products get absorbed into the skin so that the make-up doesn't slide off. Then start by using the right shade of concealer under the eyes and over minor discolourations.

Make-Up Kit Essentials For Summer Vacations

After this, use a matte finish foundation with a damp sponge. This technique works well for oily skin. Follow this with a loose matte finish powder to set everything.

Finish off with a natural colour blush, a brow pencil to fill in the brows and a gel-based brown pencil to define the eyes.

Use a highlighter on the eyes and the cheekbones to accentuate the face, a water-resistant mascara and a summer nude lip shade to complete the look.

Blotting paper to dab off excess oil at any time of the day without altering make-up.

A good brow mascara to keep the brow in place all day.

A tinted foundation with an SPF to keep skin feeling hydrated, sun protected and feeling weightless without using too many products.

A semi-matte nude pink lipstick which can be worn as a cream blush and eyeshadow and a lipstick.

Another tip to make your lipstick last for a longer time is to apply a little foundation and powder just before using your lip pencil/ lipstick. Apply another thin layer of powder over it and apply your lipstick again.