Make-up is exciting for young girls who are newly introduced to the world of beauty and cosmetics. As you talk birds and bees with your daughter, also bring up the topic of skincare and healthy make-up habits. Experts at Revlon India answer a few questions about make-up in teenage.

makeup for teens

1. What Is The Safe Age To Start Using Make-Up?

A safe age to start using make-up on a teenage skin is generally 15-16 years of age and that too light make-up. Because the skin is new to make-up at that age and is very prone to damage by the application of heavy products.

2. How To Help Teens Pick The Right Products?

Teenage skin can become tender and sensitive towards make-up products. Going overboard with products can damage skin making it look older. But little make-up with proper use of the right products, won't harm.

During teenage, acne outburst is very common. As a beginner, choose the full coverage concealer and compact, according to your skin type. With this, apply a smudge-fee kajal and use lip balm or lip gloss to get an ultimate chick look.

3. What Kind Of Products Should One Be Using In Adolescence?

Teenagers should not opt for very heavy make-up products. It is not advisable to use a lot of foundation on the skin and layer it up. Also do not apply dark lip shades. Instead go for light or nude coloured lipsticks.

4. How Can Parents Educate Their Teens About Good Make-Up Habits?

It is very important for both teenagers and their parents to understand that teenage make-up needs are very different to those of adults. Parents should make their children aware that applying make-up at a very tender age can damage the skin in the long run.

They should teach their kids skincare routine before make-up as it is important to take care of your skin from the beginning. To start with include cleaning and moisturising in their skincare routine.

-         IANS