If you are feeling extremely tired or stressed with gut issues, then there is a chance your liver may taking up extra pressure. The liver is a powerhouse and biggest gland in the body that holds a significant role in keeping you in optimal health status. The liver performs more than 500 vital physiological functions in the system on a daily basis. Some of the essential tasks ranging from storing vitamins, minerals and glycogen, metabolizing alcohol, enzyme reactions, regulating fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, producing bile and eliminating toxins from the system. It is the only organ that can lose up to 75% of its mass, but still, regrow back to full size!

The liver is the only organ that cleanses itself and the process begins around midnight, which is why it is suggested to have early dinner, so the liver gets some rest. The food we eat and drink is detoxified by the liver, thus it is essential to feed wholesome nutrients to the system that would not exert the liver. Liver dysfunction can increase your risk of developing liver disease, metabolic disorder and type 2 diabetes. Over time, exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals in the food and environmental pollutants can damage the liver, making the immune and stress response in the body to be compromised.

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Some of the simple and effective ways that may help prevent liver damage include:

  • Restricting alcohol consumption
  • Avoiding sodas and other caffeinated beverages
  • Having organic fresh natural products as much as possible
  • Getting regular exercise to increase blood circulation to the liver
  • Staying well hydrated helps the liver to flush out the toxins through the cellular systems and speed up the cleansing process. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to drinking water that helps to accelerate its effectiveness
  • Eating more whole grains and fibre rich foods stimulate the digestion process
  • Add herbal supplements such as milk thistle, glutathione and black seed oil to boost antioxidant levels and combat free radical damage

However, it is imperative to maintain liver health by incorporating a good lot of superfoods into your diet regimen, which may naturally support to cleanse and safeguard hard-working organ.

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5 power packed foods to naturally heal liver