The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and we all love our private space, be it for catching a good night sleep or just relaxing and recharging for the next beautiful day.

For A Good Night’s Sleep

While we all want to make the bedroom as comfy as possible, there are certain things that should never find space in that special abode of the house!

Learn about those things that may harm your sleep, disturb, make you feel grumpy in your little, cosy bedroom. 

Top Five No-No In Bedroom:

Cell Phone: Yes! Cell phone or mobile phone definitely tops the list. International Agency For Research On Cancer terms Radio Frequency (RF) emitted by cell phones as a ‘possible human carcinogen.’ Several researches have confirmed that the light emitted by the cell phones can disrupt melatonin production that could cause very disturbing sleep patterns, harm physical and mental health.

Television: Television sets in the corner of a bedroom cause unnecessary distraction and disturbance. It may also force you to be awake for longer hours and keep watching television programs. It is always advised to avoid screen time of any sorts for at least 2 hours prior to the bedtime for a sound sleep.

Food: Even if you are a foodie, leave it behind on your dining table. It is a strict no-no and a major tempting factor that may cause overeating or indigestion. Eating in bed makes the room dirty inviting pests, bugs into the bedroom.

Laptop: Bringing laptop or a tablet into the bedroom is also not recommended as these gadgets emit radiation. Your body releases hormone Melatonin for a sound sleep. According to several studies, the backlit phone or tablet decreases the production of Melatonin interfering with your sleep pattern. Placing laptop on bed can cause fire as the little heat vents on the bottom tend to overheat faster and may lead to a mishap. 

Clutter: Do you often find your bed with clothes strewn around that need to be folded or trip over some clutter on the floor? It’s time you clear the clutter. Dirty, messy surroundings may have negative impact on mental and physical well-being. Make your bedroom as clean as possible, get rid of dirty clothes, toys, books you are not reading for that happy, peaceful sleep.