Kriti Sanon is perhaps one of the very few actresses who made her presence felt in both Bollywood and South film industry in a very little span of time.

Kriti Sanon

The Luka Chuppi actress is a natural beauty and the leggy lass is known for her strict diet and workout regimen. Read on the beauty secrets of this model turned actress.

Skin Care:

Kriti’s must-do skin care regimen is applying generous amounts of sunscreen to avoid tan, sunburn and radiation from UV rays. She recommends slathering sunscreen every three hours to avoid tanning and pigmentation.

And for the face packs, she goes by traditional beauty secrets. She recommends gram flour mixed with turmeric and almond powder along with cream for exfoliation and instant glow.  

Hair Care:

The actress long tresses get pampered regularly in a hair spa, at least once in a week. Regular massages with almond oil, olive oil provide her hair with enough strength and make it shiny.

Eating Habits:

Kriti calls herself a conscious eater who avoids spicy and oily food. She eats egg whites with brown bread for breakfast while her lunch consists of chicken or fish with dal, vegetables, protein shakes and brown rice. Her dinner is simple, usually a salad. Her favourite midday snacks are nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Kriti Sanon Exercising

Fitness Routine:

It is well-known that Kriti Sanon is a kickboxer. She practices it 4 times a week to be agile and fit. She also practices salsa along with her other workouts like cardio, yoga and pranayama.

Beauty Essentials:

Kriti’s beauty essentials are good quality sunscreen, moisturizer, mascara, lip balm. Her beauty advice is to remove all makeup before going to sleep and lather lots of moisturizers to feel softer skin.

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