This is the season for allergies, cough, cold, as the changing weather is a breeding ground for different types of viruses and bacteria. Those who suffer most during monsoons are asthma patients as their symptoms worsen. These include difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Keep Your House Dust-Free

While medications come in handy for dealing with cough, cold and other related symptoms, you can also consider keeping your house dust-free on a regular schedule to keep the infections at a bay. According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation, USA a good quality vacuum at least once or twice in a week can save your visits to the doctor.

Benefits of vacuuming:

Relief from allergy: Vacuuming carpets, sofas and mattresses flushes out all respiratory irritants like dust, dirt, pet dander that trigger several allergies. Vacuuming sucks these microscopic particles into the machine and prevents releasing it back into the air making it easy to breathe.

No more dust mites: Dust mites are quite common, but these tiny organisms are hard to spot with a naked eye. Dead mites and faeces shed by active dust mites trigger allergies. A regular vacuuming helps to get rid of these organisms.

Better skin: Did you know that regular vacuuming helps in getting you a better skin texture, clear of bumps and rashes? Vaccuuming clears your pillows, mattresses from grim and dirt that often cause itchiness and rashes.

No more negativity: Vacuuming is not just another boring chore! It relieves you of that psychological burden of your home not being clean and takes away that negative impact caused due to dust and dirt. Breathing fresh air and enjoying tidy environment could be motivating.

Workout: Do you know vacuuming is like a good workout? Moving your vacuum cleaner around the house at every nook and cranny will give you as much exercise as half an hour spent in the gym.