You definitely heard of ‘menopause’ and so far believed that it is only related to women. Menopause in women is referred as a normal process when fertility and menstruation ends. 

Man In Depression

But, have you ever heard of male menopause? True that men are totally a different gender but they too have hormones! A male menopause in other words is also known as andropause and it describes changes in male hormone levels due to age.

It usually occurs in men who are aged above 50 and indicating a drop in testosterone levels. As per researchers, an average of 1 per cent of testosterone decline is seen in men after turning 30.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in testes and helps in triggering sex drive. It contributes for changes in adolescence, maintaining muscle mass and helps in developing physical and mental energy.

Unlike women, not all men experience male menopause. Lowered hormone levels can cause some sexual complications.

Symptoms include low levels of energy, depression, lack of motivation and focus, insomnia, decreased muscle and bone density, reduced libido, infertility are quite common.

Few men may experience gynecomastia – increased breasts which can be often tender and swollen.


A simple blood test will reveal the levels of testosterone hormone and can diagnose male menopause.


There is no specific treatment for treating male menopause. Feel free to talk to your doctor about the symptoms and lifestyle changes can help in tackling the issue.

Eating healthy, regular exercise, reducing stress levels and catching good amount of sleep will help you to get over mental issues triggered due to reduced hormone levels.

If you are suffering from depression, see a doctor immediately. While few doctors recommend hormone replacement therapy, go for it only if you find it absolutely necessary as synthetic testosterone has several side effects including prostrate cancer.