Only If You Follow These Guidelines

Friendship is necessary for our over-all wellbeing, happiness, support and joy. True companionship can provide us with an emotional anchor whenever needed. But what if you find that sense of belonging with your ex-spouse?

Friends with your Ex

Contrary to popular belief, marriages don’t always have to end on a bitter note. An increasing number of modern day couples are continuing to remain friends even after divorce.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan are the perfect example and the latest to emulate similar set of principles is e-commerce giant – founder Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years MacKenzie Tuttle.

And in these days and times, it is not unusual to find divorced couples continuing to have healthy friendship bereft of intimacy.

However, if you want to continue being friends with your former companion, experts say that there are certain guidelines all exes should follow after a breakup for great mental health and happiness.

Don’t Be Judgmental:

No matter the reason behind your breakup, don’t ever try to judge your ex for their present-day actions. If they are trying to get into a new relationship, do not interfere and try to feign interest in their love life. Keep right amount of distance and try to discuss about topics that are not related to relationships.

Do Not Reminisce:

Stop digging the past. Always remember that you both are done with the relationship and have decided to move on. Make it a habit to live in the present as good memories will make you feel extremely sad while bad ones can make you angrier and hopeless. Live in present and move ahead.

Do Not Flirt:

Yes. You might have had great sexual relationship with your ex-spouse but that doesn’t mean that you still have the right to be flirty, start a romantic communication, inappropriate touching etc. Let bygones be bygones and stay away at a safe distance.

Put In Effort:

If you have decided to stay friends for the sake of your children or families, do put in equal efforts and share responsibility. Having a healthy relationship with your former spouse is like maintaining any other friendship, so make it a point to remember birthdays, enquire about the health of elders in family and discuss child’s future together.