Holi celebrations that have been on hold for the last two years, were back with vengeance, last week. If you played holi, got drenched in colours, and generously extended the celebrations over the weekend, it’s time to share some attention to your skin.

Holi colours, be it natural or synthetic can have a lasting negative impact on the skin, especially if you are allergic to certain components or have a super sensitive skin. While a good, thorough shower is the best way to wash those colours away, one should not forget on how to make the skin breathe easy.

In this article, may we suggest seeking a little help from your regular kitchen ingredients and give your skin that much deserved and extra glow. Play with these natural ingredients and try facemasks given in the infographic, not only for wiping away those stubborn stains but also for that glow in a trice!

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Rich in Vitamin C, lemons are your best bet to get instant glow. Squeeze out lemon juice and apply it directly on affected areas, to soothe the skin and to prevent sudden breakout of acne.


Coarsely ground oatmeal granules become a beneficial scrub in removing dirt and toxins. This natural exfoliant removes acne and blackheads.


The beauty benefits of honey are numerous. Honey acts as a natural humectant, to keep the skin moist. Humectants are substances that attract water from the air into the skin.

Orange Peel or Powder:

Orange be it in the form of peel or powder prevent oxidative stress in skin cells and also remove tan by working as a skin lightening agent

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Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil can be used to remove colours from the whole body. A light massage not only helps to remove stains, but also gives protection and glow to the skin
5 beauty masks to restore skin's glow